Werner John, Anasazi Flute

    Werner John, Anasazi Flute

    Werner John has spent the last 25 years in the field of musical resonance.  Since 1987 he’s been creating  performances, recordings and instruments which help people relax, enjoy life and reconnect with their roots.

    Werner’s classical training, affinity for simple wood flutes, and love for the land have found their way into unique musical offerings.  Over 1,200 North American Indian style flutes, designed and handcarved by the artist, have found their places in the lives of often first-time flute players.  Werner’s recordings, popular among those seeking relief from the stresses of life, have been offered at his shows and nationwide to the tune of a quarter million sold.  And Werner’s unique World Flute Story Concerts address cultural and environmental issues through the medium of ancient flutes, whose voices have accompanied humanity’s journey for at least 40,000 years.

    Werner’s mission now is to continue exploring connections between music, the human spirit and the natural world.  As a 40-year meditator, and in recent years a student of spiritual visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, he’s now bringing his aptitudes in fine-tuning and maximal resonance to the sphere of the human instrument.  He sees meditation as a primary means of developing the increase in consciousness humanity needs to make the transition to a sane and healthy world.  Werner is now offering beginning Meditation Courses, Meditation Support Circles at all levels and private Meditation Coaching for those looking to begin or deepen their practice.

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